Caribbean Rim

18 inches long Necklace,

Caribbean Blue Lampworked

Banana Bead, 6mm Caribbean

Blue Opal crystals, Sterling Silver

Chain & Clasp


Night Sky

24 inch long Necklace, Jet Black

Lampworked Disc w/ dichroic,

Opaque Black seed bead chain,

Sterling Silver Cones & Clasp


La Salsa

24 inch long Necklace

Salsa Green & Reds


Disc, Yellow green seed bead

chain, Gold Filled Cones & Clasp


Old Tree

18 inch Necklace w/ 3 inch drop

1.5inch Pendant, Botswanna

Agate Rondells w/ Black

Diamond Crystals, Pewter tree

Pendant says "Knowledge" script

on back, Sterling Silver Clasp


Grand Canyon

20 inch long Necklace, Spiral

Wire Wrapped Bicone

Lampworked Bead w/ 1 inch

crystal dangle, Sterling Silver



Pearly Beach

18 inch long Necklace,

White Freshwater Pearls, Hill

Tribes Fine Silver Triangle Bead,

2 inch drop chain, Sterling Silver

Clasp & Chain



18 inch long Necklace, Green

Freshwater Pearls, Lampworked

Blue/Green Hollow Pear Pendant

w/ Silver Dichoric, Sterling Silver



Ocean Deep

18 inch long Necklace, Deep

Indicolite Banana Lampworked

Bead, Black Diamond Seed

Beaded Chain, Sterling Silver

Cones & Clasp



18 inch long Necklace, Light

Olive Luster Freshwater Pearls,

Kazuri Handpainted Pita Pat

Bead, Sterling Silver Clasp


Emerald Treasure

22 inch long Necklace,

2 Dark Emerald Lampworked

Banana Beads/w Dichoric, Hill

Tribes Fine Silver Bead, Sterling

Silver Fancy Cable Chain and



Desert Sands

18 inch long Necklace w/ 1 ½

inch Pendant, Sterling Silver Wire

Wrapped Autumn Jasper

Cabochon, Sterling Silver Chain

& Clasp


Sandy Beach

18 inch long Necklace,

Cinnamon Kazuri Pita Pat Bead,

Canyon Lampworked Donut

Beads, Matte Topaz Seed Bead

Chain, Sterling Silver Clasp



18 inch long Necklace w 1 ½ inch

drop Pendant, Amber

Lampworked Shell Pendant,4mm

Silver Shade & 6mm Copper

Crystals, Silver Lined Rootbeer

AB Seed Beaded chain, Sterling

Silver Clasp


Autumn Days

20 inch long Necklace,

2 inch Crystal Dangle, 10 inch

Handmade Coiled Chain

attached to a 10inch oval chain,

12 mm Autumn hues Round

Lampworked Bead, Sterling

Silver Chain & Clasp


Fancy Rings

36 inch ribbon tied Necklace,

Hammed Fused Fine Silver

Rings, Lg 1.25 inches & Sm 1.0



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